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Closed for the year,

reopens at Easter.

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26 March - 13 October

Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 18.00

Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 16.00


Valborg 10.00-18.00

1st May 10.00-16.00

Ascension Day 10.00-16.00 National Day 10.00-16.00

Midsummer Eve 9.00-12.00 Midsummer's Day closed


14 November - 20 December

Thursday - Friday 10.00 - 17.00

Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 16.00

Please note that Tomatens Hus is always closed on Mondays, not Easter Monday.


Aspavägen 421
253 41 Vallåkra

0707 96 41 08

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Everything we sell comes from our own cultivation.


Here we refine our already noble products.


From our bakery we sell daily fresh bread, cakes and much more.

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It feels like yesterday but it has actually been a few years since we took over here after Boel and Bengt.
Tomatoes have been grown here since the mid-fifties. Then it was Kjell and Inga-Lisa who lived here. In 1990, Boel and Bengt took over the business. One kind of tomato, red, round, was grown and placed in five-kilo boxes, which were then sent to Mäster Grön in Helsingborg, where they were then auctioned off to the various vegetable wholesalers. The range was soon expanded with plum and cocktail tomatoes and other slightly colorful varieties.
2004 was a really shitty year, financially, for the tomato growers. All cultivation was successful, throughout Europe and North Africa and there were lots of tomatoes on the market. And prices plummeted. That was when Boel and Bengt decided to take fate into their own hands and give the world what they were waiting for - good tomatoes.
In 2005, the gates to Tomatens Hus, Café and Tomato Shop were opened. Those who did not want tomatoes could at least consider coming and having a cup of coffee. The trio also included Boel´s best friend, Anna, who had a recipe for a fantastic tomato pie.
In 2010 they had grown out of the tomato shop and needed a bigger one, Anna returned to her job as a flight attendant and Boel and Bengt built a new tomato shop on the other side of the road. They sold the café to Boel No. 2 with the surname Hultman. The range was expanded with spices, tomato plants and delicacies that went well with the tomatoes.
In 2011, the bakery was built and the couple's eldest son Morgan started working there. Now  freshly baked bread could be offered to customers.
Three years later it was time for son number two, who was a chef,  to come home. Then the kitchen was built and marmalades, ketchup and other goodies that can be made from ripe tomatoes began to be produced.
In December 2017, Boel and Bengt said goodbye to Tomatens Hus and we, the Andersson family and the Hjalmarsson family, took over.
In the spring of 2018, after a few months of preparation, we opened the doors in a completely new direction and everything was suddenly new to everyone involved. The Andersson family previously owned Gluggstorps Handelsträdgård and now this assortment also began to be sold in Tomatens hus farm shop.  In order to increase sales of spices and plants, we also started growing this in Gluggstorp.
In 2020, we renovated the shop. The changes we made meant that it became more spacious and a better flow for customers.
In 2021, we got a tenant and a new neighbour. We rebuilt a barn and are now happy to have Hedda's Hus in our premises. In November and December, the first Christmas market was organized and the shop opened Thursday to Sunday for the sale of Christmas flowers and much more that we have during the summer, but with a Christmas-inspired theme. Most of the Christmas flowers we have produced ourselves in the greenhouses in Gluggstorp, which are otherwise quite empty at this time of year.

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At Miss Alice, just across the road from Tomatens Hus, you can enjoy good food in the shade of fruit trees or in a charming greenhouse environment.


Next door to Tomatens Hus you will find Hedda's Hus. The shop in the countryside  with a nice mix of furnishings, scented candles, clothes, accessories and much, much more…
An inspiring cozy shop in a relaxing beautiful environment.


Between Helsingborg and Landskrona is Vallåkra, a village full of creativity and creative joy.  Take a walk along Råån, pay a visit to the area's potters, enjoy food and coffee at our taverns and cafés, botanize among exciting home furnishings, spices and vegetables. The many fine and exciting cultural heritage testifies to the area's ancient history. Vallåkra is really worth a detour. Welcome!

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We are well aware that the land we usually use is a loan, and we must nurture and manage that loan in the very best way. Biodiversity, cycles and environmental thinking  permeates the entire company.


  • The entire cultivation in greenhouses has a recirculating water system to reduce leakage of nutrients from the cultivation.

  • Demand-controlled nutrition in relation to heat and light.

  • The compost is reused in our cultivations in the open.

  • The heating  is done with wood pellets.

  • Edge zones  around our fields are too pollinating  insects.

  • We do not use any  chemical pesticides.

  • Everything we sell is grown by ourselves or locally grown.

  • The kitchen takes care of food waste  from cultivation and shop.

  • Collection of rainwater and drainage water for irrigation.

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