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And not only that, the cucumber that comes directly from the greenhouse has no tight plastic around it, the peppers are not sprayed, of course it is not the cucumber and the tomatoes either and everything is freshly harvested. We also have a well-stocked chili department where you can buy chili fruits.

Do you want to grow your tomatoes yourself? Of course you should then come to us and buy your plants. We have a large assortment of both the smallest bush tomato up to the beef tomato with a lot of meat and a thin skin.

Bush tomatoes are for those who prefer to have easy-care plants that still give tomatoes. Are you more interested in cultivation and maybe even have a greenhouse, you may want a wider spectrum in your cultivation, then you have come to the right place.

For the chili grower, we can offer more than forty different varieties of plants, depending on strength and taste. There are also pepper and cucumber plants in large variety.

We are very proud of our spices. We grow everything ourselves and no chemical pesticides have been allowed to touch them. Our basil plants do not go off for picks. Take the opportunity to fill the balcony box or pallet collar and you always have fresh spices for your cooking.

We also have a bread department, where the house bakers make sure it is well stocked. All bread is long fermented and baked with sourdough. For all in the world, do not miss the fantastic cinnamon buns.

To take advantage of everything on the farm, a kitchen was built in 2014 where we conjure up the most fantastic, culinary delights that can be poured into jars and bottles in large pots.
And then we have the beautiful, Italian ceramics with the tomatoes on.
To also be able to go out in the tomato cultivation and enjoy the fresh greenery and the aromatic scents - that´s exactly how it is in the Tomato House Shop.


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Harvest market

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Christmas market

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