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Here you get our best tips and advice on planting tomato seeds and caring for tomato plants. When to sow your tomato seeds, what to think about in terms of temperature and lighting and other tips on  how to get strong and healthy tomato plants for better tomato harvest in our way. 

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In Sweden, we pre-cultivate the tomatoes indoors. If you want to have the tomatoes in a greenhouse, it is appropriate to sow the seeds in early March and outdoors in early April. The tomato plants should be between 6 to 8 weeks old before being planted out in greenhouses or outdoors.
Germination temperature should be between 22-26 degrees and the plug or sowing soil should be well watered when the seed is sown. Cover the seed with plastic or a transparent cup.


When the seed has germinated and received two heart leaves, it is time to remove the plastic or hive. Now it is important to water with lukewarm water and keep an even temperature around 22 degrees. Extra lighting on the small plants makes them stronger and gives more fruit for the summer.

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It is extremely important that the seedlings get enough light. The lighting can be anything from plant lamps to fluorescent lamps. The important thing is to let the plants sleep for 6 to 8 hours a day. A good measure of how much light you should have is 80-100 watts per square meter. With newer LED lighting, you can usually go down a little in watts per square meter, a little depending on the type of lighting you use. The  There are many theories about which lighting is best. The most affordable solution  are fluorescent lamps  if you count purchases and consumption.


When the plants are about 3-5cm high and the roots begin to grow through the pot or plug, it is time for transplanting. Here you can put the small plant deep in the soil so you only see the leaves and no stem under the leaves. Then the plant becomes more stable and has a larger root system. Plant the plants in a well-fertilized soil. Remember that the plants should stand for 4-6 weeks like this  select  a larger pot (12-15cm). The first 2 weeks after transplanting should  to keep a temperature around 20 degrees and then  you can lower the temperature down to 17 degrees a bit depending on how much light you have.

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When planting in greenhouses, it should not be below 10 degrees at night. For optimal harvest, you should  preferably do not go below 15 degrees. Plant directly in the ground or in a large pot. The size of the pot determines how much you have to water. 

Keep in mind that the tomatoes will be  large so it takes a little different aids to the plants  should not be broken off. Do not forget to wash and disinfect  your pots and materials  before  you plant. It is good to use pots that are  25cm  in diameter or larger so as not to have to water several times a day. 


When the tomato starts to grow, you can start caring for it. Tomatoes get tall so they should have something to climb on or you tie them up.
All thieves should be removed the earlier you remove them the better it is for the plant. Tie up or spin the tomatoes around a string once a week and remove the thieves. Many types of tomatoes can handle 2 tops without being grafted. Most types of hobby tomatoes can handle up to 16 bunches of tomatoes. The leaves under the first ripe tomato can be cut off.
Irrigation should be regular and tomatoes require a lot of nutrition. Carefully read the packaging for the fertilizer you use. Too little gives a weak plant and too much you kill the roots and the plants die.



Tomatoes require lots of nutrition to produce fruit and grow. Choose a tomato fertilizer with  lots of potassium and control so there are plenty of micronutrients.
The ratio of potassium to nitrogen (K / N) should be 1.1-1.4 and the ratio of potassium to calcium (K / Ca) should be  be 1-2. When the tomato plants start to bloom, the fertilizer recipe should be changed, so that significantly more potassium is added. The ratios should now be K / N 1.7-2.0 and K / Ca 1.8-2.2. This gives better fruit quality and longer shelf life on the tomatoes.

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