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Urban Gardening

 We've collected practical and useful content to guide you through the entire growing season. 

To get started with your cultivation, we recommend that you start by reading our "New to cultivation journey" section. Here you get an overview of the basic steps involved in planning and preparing your garden, choosing soil and fertiliser.

After you get into the actual growing, you can explore our wide selection of growing descriptions for many different varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. Each cultivation description gives you detailed information about, for example, sowing methods, optimal growing conditions and care advice. 

In addition to our cultivation descriptions, we also offer advice and tips for dealing with common cultivation difficulties and pests. We want to help you overcome obstacles and avoid potential problems to achieve the best possible results in your garden. 

We are convinced that farming is a fantastic and rewarding activity that not only gives you joy and pleasure, but also creates a direct connection to nature and sustainability. Take a look around our website and feel free to explore our cultivation descriptions. We hope that we can be of help on your growing journey and that you get a lot of joy and pleasure from growing your own plants. Good luck!

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